Artist Statement


If the human population is mainly treated as human capital in a destructive neoliberal system, we could be rather seen and treated as rare tokens not a currency. As fungible coins which can easily be exchanged we give in too easily into the economy of the zero marginal cost society, in which we have to earn our right to exist and live constantly while our value decreases. As minted super-rare tokens we opt out of this pervasive attitude even if we ascribe ourselves a value or others offer to appreciate us.

Currencies tend to become "worthless" over time due to abusive money politics, inflation or because their exchange value is built on nothing anymore than belief. FIAT currencies (Euro, Dollar, Yen etc.) seem to be like this now, after Nixon has abolished the Gold Exchange Standard in the early 70s. We do not want our primary purpose to be the exploitation of human currency and the destruction of our habitat on earth.

Life reduced to the transactional without control may be life without dignity.  As a super-rare collectible one has at least the option to extract themselves from the market and make themselves more valueble, more rare. Collective action may underline that power, where a single token may feel helpless. In general, the call to market can also be ignored. One can also reject the definition of a token or currency altogether – fungible or not – as a statement of independence and choice.

To legitimate one´s existence by using a blockchain and its ledger, for all to see, would reveal that I AM A TOKEN by choice.

This project consists of only one virtual work whose meaningful existence is predicated by the existence of the virtual, digital, conceptual realm of provenience and originality. Through a blockchain contract-address and one crypto-tokens, the very nature of human shall be redefined.

- HECK / Berlin - March 2020

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