International media artist Herwig Egon Casadoro-Kopp has created 1 physical artwork and a very limited edition of 1 virtual artworks entitled IAMATOKEN. The artist states: i am a token, and I am not for sale. a super-rare token. inherited, but not sold

There are no physical works representing the valor of the intangible virtual one.

Item Description

I am not a token. This is a picture. This is not me. Being a unique picture is not important. I am genetic code, a menace to the ecosystem. Commodifying life & the planet equals destruction. I am not an asset. I am a non-fungible token not for sale. I am a white, grateful artist - lucky, privileged and full of proof of work.

Even though printing the picture or the contract address on the Ethereum blockchain corresponding to the creation of the virtual work is possible, it is not intended or meant to be the artwork. IAMATOKEN got created on the blockchain to be not sold and stand for itself, inside and outside the attention economy of NFTs. The virtual work is a standard ERC-721 token and the token owned by the artist is strictly not for sale. The artist is free to share this artwork or bequeath it to his family Divisions or separating the artwork into smaller pieces before sharing is technically prohibited.

From time to time HECK could make various physical prints or representations available for free to collectors or institutions for the purpose of exhibiting a visual printed reference. This reference has no intrinsic value above the material one (paper, ink) and they may not be utilized as a means to trade or exchange, in any quantities.

Original Creator:0x9dEe6250A8494a60DAF5299dae2aF305f024Fd35

Token Name:iamatoken

Token ID:71434305374650412272229657627274199919772990837077657029760787522150013605270

Original image: https://d1iczm3wxxz9zd.cloudfront.net/14cf2ba6-d40e-4451-a32e-8ddc3cd8487e/000000-0000000000/71434305374650412272229657627274199919772990837077657029760787522150013605270/ITEM_PREVIEW1.jpg

OPEN SEA: https://opensea.io/assets/0x9201a886740d193e315f1f1b2b193321d6701d07/2444

RARIBLE: https://rarible.com/token/0x9201a886740d193e315f1f1b2b193321d6701d07:2444:0x9dee6250a8494a60daf5299dae2af305f024fd35?tab=details