Did HECK really create 1 pieces of virtual art?
Yes. HECK created not more than one work of art comprised of one ERC-721 standard token on the Ethereum blockchain. The token ID is 2444 and the contract address is: 0x9201a886740d193e315f1f1b2b193321d6701d07

Are the artworks beautiful?
Beauty is said to be in the eye of the beholder, but what is it about the brain that makes us respond to art?

So the token itself is the art?
Yes, an its code can be traced back to its creation via the contract address: 0x9201a886740d193e315f1f1b2b193321d6701d07 But if one says, the code is the artwork, then one must keep in mind that art is a concept in the brains of people and is not instrinsic value of the code or its representations.

Is the price of IAMATOKEN important and does it make the work of art more valuable?
Any price attached to an artwork may temper with the expectations of the viewer. But if an artwork never gets sold, its real, actual commercial value can be considered Zero. Its perceived value might rise with the ongoing truth of not being on sale, for no price, and any attached astronomical value as an offer may make the artwork more beautiful as a concept in the mind of people.

How can I purchase IAMATOKEN?
You can´t.

Will more IAMATOKEN TOKENS be created in the future?
No. The total supply of IAMATOKEN is 1.

Can anyone ever sell IAMATOKEN?
Maybe. If you inherit IAMATOKEN from the artist or he donates it, the virtual artwork can theoretically be sold, if one ignores the core rule of the artwork never be sold. As with all contracts on earth, the can get breached, ignored or amended, changed over time or getting stolen and abused. The value of this action might still render the token artistically useless and therefore valueless.

Can I trade physical artworks or any other barter goods for IAMATOKEN ?
No. No matter what you may offer, eternal love, your grandma or your wordclass pebble collection – nothing will suffice.

I am an artist and I would like to trade a work of art for IAMATOKEN?
Nope. All living or deceased artist have, is their art and their time on earth to make it or collect it - they should not waste it in a futile attempt to counterbalance the value of Zero.

Can I send Ether or other tokens to the contract address to receive IAMA Coins?
Absolutely not!!! Any tokens or fungible currencies sent to the contract address will be lost forever. Why would you even do that?

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